Situation Awareness in Highly Automated Driving

Projekttyp: Industrial Cooperation (TUM & TME)

Forschungsfeld: Automation, Human-machine interface(HMI), Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Ansprechpartner: Yucheng Yang

Projektzeitraum: 07/2016 - 05/2018


Non-driving related tasks (NDRT) in level 3 automation (SAE) makes the driver to divert attention from the driving scenery. This out-of-loop scenario may cause loss of the awareness of the state and processes of the system. However, the level 3 automation system requires the driver to react appropriately if the system requests this when reaching its system limit, so called “take-over request” (TOR). Since situation awareness (SA) is critical to effective decision making and human performance in dynamic systems, it might be reasonable to improve the drivers’ situation awareness (SA) and attention to a certain level to ensure an enhanced mental model of the surrounding traffic situation and the status of the ego vehicle. In the experimental study, different countermeasures to the loss of SA will developed, implemented and evaluated. The stimulation used should raise the SA of the driver to a certain level, which ensures a better take-over performance. The stimulation should carry certain information to the driver, but it should not be a warning and not be annoying.

The first result has been protected as a joint patent (TUM&TME) since 05. May.2017.