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M.Sc. Niklas Grabbe

Chair of Ergonomics (Prof. Bengler)

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Boltzmannstr. 15
85747 Garching b. München


Mr. Niklas Grabbe, M. Sc. studied the Bachelor Degree Program in Scientific Principles of Sports and the Master Degree Program Ergonomics - Human Factors Engineering at the Technical University of Munich with a focus on system ergonomics and interaction design. As part of his Master's thesis at the Chair of Astronautics, Mr. Grabbe designed, implemented and evaluated an enhanced HMI for controlling a UAV using VR glasses in a teleoperated firefighting operation and examined the effects of various latencies on situation awareness and workload.

Since February 2018, Mr. Grabbe has been working as a research associate at the Chair of Ergonomics and as part of his doctoral thesis the research focus is on approval of autonomous driving. Specifically, the stated goal of increased safety by automation is to be investigated by means of a system approach to traffic modeling relating to accident analysis. The aim of the dissertation is to answer the following question: Is full automation really better in terms of traffic safety than the human driver or should rather human-machine cooperation be focused?

Currently, Mr. Grabbe is working on the joint project @CITY-AF, supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, where autonomous driving in the city is being examined from an ergonomic point of view. Particular emphasis is placed on interaction with vulnerable road users.


Winter term 2018/19

Course no.TitleLecturer (assistant)
0000002070Aviation Human Factors