iSize – The database of the last SizeGERMANY representative size survey


Anthropometric data collections help to define and therefore to meet ergonomic requirements for the design of products and workstations.

Within the framework of the last large-scale, representative size survey in Germany (Project SizeGERMANY, 2007 - 2008), the most up-to-date body measurements of the German population were collected at more than 30 locations, including the Ergonomics Chair (TUM). The size survey was carried out by Hohenstein Institutes and Human Solutions GmbH. A total of 13,362 people, aged between 6 and 87 years, were measured to determine various body measures, segment lengths and proportions of different gender and age groups. A further aim of the size survey was the investigation of the acceleration, this means the changes of body measurements over time. 3D laser scanners were used for the contactless data collection. The subjects were measured in four body positions (three standing and one sitting posture). In addition, surveys on sociodemographic aspects were conducted.

All collected data has been integrated into the iSize-Portal, which provides a wide range of "head to toe" data for research, clothing and automotive industries.


By integrating the data into the digital human model RAMSIS, virtual ergonomic examinations can be carried out on the basis of current and realistic anthropometrics. The comprehensive data set is also used in the design of workplaces and body-worn systems, such as exoskeletons.