AnyBody Modeling System

AnyBody is a model of the human musculoskeletal system, which can calculate the muscle and joint load for various activities.

Description of the tool AnyBody

Constructed by AnyBody Technology A/S in Aalborg, Denmark, the AnyBody Modeling System, aka AnyBody, is a rigid-body system based on the standards of multibody dynamics. Recorded motion and external forces are used as input variables to calculate muscle and joint loads as they occur during a movement. Therefore, AnyBody is a tool used to investigate and optimize motions of various daily activities.

By analyzing muscle and joint load, joint moment, muscle activation pattern, and mechanical load, a prediction can be made about how demanding activities occur for the user. AnyBody can be used to analyze an application or to conduct an optimization of a system. For an optimization study, selected parameters are varied within a certain range to obtain the least demanding posture for the operator. One example of an optimization study is the configuration of handholds.

Usage of AnyBody


At the Chair of Ergonomics, we use AnyBody in the production environment to analyze lifting motions or in the automotive sector to investigate the load demand created by ingress and egress motions of a car or truck.