FaroArm® – a portable coordinate measuring machine

The coordinates of components are often required for tests or experimental setups. The FaroArm® (from FARO®) offers the possibility to capture coordinate points in space. Due to its portable design, it can be used for a wide variety of tasks regardless of location. The FaroArm® is the most frequently used portable measuring arm in industrial environments. It belongs to the so-called CMMs. Spatial point coordinates can be captured on a wide variety of surfaces. The FaroArm® available at the Chair of Ergonomics has a range of about 2.4 m and a certified measuring accuracy of 0.043 mm.


The FaroArm® is used, among other things, to record the individual sitting positions of the individual test persons or the installation positions of assistance systems in vehicles. The FaroArm® is also required for experimental setups on the MEPS in order to calibrate the individual module carts or to record changes in the configuration during the experiments.