Dynamical Mock-Up

To account for the requirements in urban traffic, the chair of ergonomics built a new mobile driving simulator. This simulator has an extended horizontal field of view (120°). Three 55 inch monitors display the driving simulation scenery (SILAB) in an ultra HD resolution (4096 x 2160 px). Steering wheel and pedals are purchased parts from SensoDrive, which are installed on an aluminum frame. The simulator is mobile which allows a relocation to perform research on different sites or for presenting results in public places, on fairs or scientific events.

The simulator can be extended by eye- or motion tracking systems to answer research questions in that field. Additionally, the simulator can be linked to the institute’s pedestrian simulator to investigate urban interaction situations.

In 2016, a motion platform from dbox was installed to induce pitch and roll motions. This enables the chair of ergonomics to address future research questions regarding driver assistance and automated driving.