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photo by Sebastian Mast
photo by Sebastian Mast
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Chair of Ergonomics

Welcome to the website of the chair of ergonomics (Prof. Dr. phil. Klaus Bengler). 

The chair at the institute for production techniques focuses mainly on the design and evaluation of human-machine-interaction and the anthropometric dimensioning of technical systems. A key role is played by safety, efficiency, user satisfaction and acceptance in all use cases respectively. The research activities gain greater significance in light of current economic and demographic trends, since the quality of ergonomic design and the joy of use are becoming increasingly important for many products in the global market. This applies to consumer goods as well as machines in a production environment and to the automobile especially. It proves an important field of application for ergonomic research, because the heterogeneous user group, the upmarket product and the necessary safety restrictions pose unique demands.



Short-term changes of the chairs events are possible. Please check, to make sure the event takes place as planned.


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