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  • Room: Hochbrück Raum 3.3.08
  • Email: meyer@lfe.mw.tum.de
  • Telephone: +49 89 289 10351
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    Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Meyer started in January 2013 as a Research Associate at the Professorship Sports Equipment and Materials. He studied mechanical engineering with Specialization on "Systematic Product Development" and "Industrial Engineering" at the Technical University Munich. After completing a term project about motion analysis, he focused on the development of an emergency release device for touring ski bindings for his diploma thesis. Now he works on the "QuadRad" Project, focusing on the development of a range model as well as a biometrical assistance for electric bicycles.

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    Printed Publications:

    • Meyer, D.; Zhang, W.; Tomizuka, M. (2015): Sliding mode control for heart rate regulation of electric bicycle riders. In: Proceedings of the ASME 2015 Dynamic Systems and Control Conference.
    • Meyer, D.; Dungs, C.; Senner, V. (2015): Estimating the Relationship between Heart Rate and Power Output for Short Term Cycling Exercises. In: Procedia Engineering 112, S. 237–243.
    • Meyer, D.; Zhang, W.; Tomizuka, M.; Senner, V. (2015): Heart rate regulation for electric bicycle riders with different heart rate reference profiles. In: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics AHFE 2015.
    • Meyer, D.; Steffan, M.; Senner, V. (2014): Impact of Electrical Assistance on Physiological Parameters During Cycling. In: Procedia Engineering 72, S. 150–155.
    • Senner, V., Schott, W., & Meyer, D. (2013). Notauslösung. SnowSport (Deutscher Skilehrerverband), 2012-2013(4), 14–15.
      Poster Presentations:
    • Meyer, D.; Senner, V. (2013): Development of an emergency release device for touring ski bindings. 6th International Congress on Science and Skiing.

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